Best Forehead Thermometer Selection Guide

1. Introduction:

An illness is a part of life because everyone will become sick, at some point. For this purpose, every household must have a thermometer to check the temperature of the sick person initially before moving to a hospital. In the past time when world was not so advanced, the only way of checking temperature of sick person was done by placing a palm over his/her forehead. However, the invention of thermometer has solved this issue, and has provided an ease of getting an accurate temperature reading. Initially, there was mercury/oral thermometer for reading temperature.

However, many people do not like to use an oral thermometer due to hygiene issues. But don’t worry now checking of temperature has been effortless with the advancement of forehead thermometer. Forehead thermometer a blessing for those who are not comfortable using oral thermometers at the time of illness. Forehead thermometers also best for babies and toddlers as it is tough to measure their temperature with traditional thermometers. Forehead thermometer is best for newly born kids, babies, toddlers and even for adults.

So, if you want to buy a new forehead thermometer, this article will guide you regarding the best product. Before buying forehead thermometer one should be aware of its benefits, quality, accuracy, safety, display and so on. This guide will help you to select the perfect forehead thermometer.

2. What is a forehead thermometer?

A forehead thermometer is type of medical thermometer that can quickly check temperatures in order to detect a fever. It measures the temperature at the temporal artery, which is directly connected to the heart via the carotid artery. This offers the constant blood flow needed for accurate measurement. Forehead thermometers are as accurate as oral and rectal thermometers, and are far less interruptive. That is why this type of thermometer is best and for sleeping children or patients.

3. How do forehead thermometers work?

Forehead thermometer is best alternative to old standby thermometer which is placed under the tongue. An infrared technology is used in Forehead to examine how much heat is being emitted by the temporal artery.  Forehead thermometer come in touch and untouched models. Non-contact forehead thermometer is a quick and fuss-free way of measuring a child’s temperature that measures the infrared heat waves emitted thru the surface of the skin. This type of thermometer is held between one to six inches from the forehead. On the other hand, touch forehead thermometer also uses infrared technology, but these are required to touch the center of the forehead to take a reading. It provides reading in ten or less than ten seconds.

4. Benefits of forehead thermometer:

4.1 Ease of usage

Fever can catch anyone of any age, but when regarding children it can be a bigger worry. It is difficult to get babies to sit still long enough to read their temperature. Therefore, forehead thermometer is a best option than any other type of thermometer as it is easy to use without difficulty. Forehead thermometer can check temperature within seconds by simple forehead touch without holding them down or struggling to keep them still. These thermometers are perfect as it can check temperature of a sleeping person, specially child.
4.2 Quickness

Forehead thermometer doesn’t trouble you to hold a sick one for 1 to 2 minutes like mercury thermometer. It checks the temperature within seconds. Forehead thermometer provides quick, trustworthy, and trouble-free way to keep a check on family health from baby to adults. Due to its quickness of reading, forehead thermometer is best to be used.  That’s why having a forehead thermometer is so important, as it’s done quickly. On the other hand, mercury thermometer is slow.
4.3 Safeness

Forehead thermometer is not only easy to use or quick, it is also safe. These are germ free because it provides temperature reading with simple touch of forehead. It does not get in touch with saliva of mouth or sweat of armpit. It is germ free and easy to clean sensor too. In addition, forehead thermometer is made with soft edges that are not harmful.

On the other hand, usage of mercury thermometer might be proved dangerous. Mostly, mercury thermometer is made of a glass, and checking temperature orally has always the risk that it could be shatter and the mercury could possibly break. Digital forehead thermometer is totally safe for children to use.

5. Considerable things when buying forehead thermometer

5.1 Display

Regarding display, one should choose a forehead thermometer that provide reading even in the dark. There is forehead thermometer in market withy ‘backlit’ display. A Backlit display thermometer makes reading much easier, and lessen the chances of disturbance of the sleeping sick person. In addition, forehead thermometer’s display in digital format is more preferable. Moreover, you should select a forehead thermometer that ha a bright and bigger screen.

5.2 Accuracy

The most important feature of forehead thermometer is accuracy, because wrong readings can lead to additional health issues or misdiagnosed patients. Some thermometers include a setup which allows you to An accurate forehead thermometer can measure body temperature quickly, and depending on the product, it shouldn’t take longer than 10 seconds. These models are safe for everyone, and since they only take some seconds to use, they’re much more popular than some of the slower alternatives.  Forehead thermometer is an accurate way to measure temperature, because technology has improved, the readings you can take from a forehead thermometer have become even more accurate than first generation models.
5.3 Temperature Units

Regarding choosing of forehead thermometer’s temperature unit, one should select with both Celsius and Fahrenheit. It will not take your in converting of units. The best option relating temperature units is that provides a temperature reading in both units.
5.4 Touch or untouched forehead thermometers

There is two type of forehead thermometer: contact and non-contact. A contact forehead thermometer requires a touch with skin for getting temperature reading. it must be touched with forehead for at least one to five seconds. On the other hand, non-contact forehead thermometer is required to hold between one and six inches from the forehead. Non-contact thermometer is preferable for sleeping children, while concerning quickness and accuracy contact forehead thermometer is best. Moreover, untouchable is more expensive than touchable.
5.5 Multi task vs Single task forehead thermometer

Single task forehead thermometer provides you only checking of temperature with forehead. Alternatively, multitask thermometer allow you to check temperature in more ways besides only forehead. Multi task models are best as they offer more than one way of checking temperature readings, and one can double check the original temperature readings. It provides checking of temperature through forehead as well as ear canal. Multi task thermometer is best because its forehead function is suitable for all ages while its ear function is reliable for child above 3 months.
5.6 Use of Easiness

Regarding use of easiness, you should choose a forehead thermometer with only 2 buttons: one for forehead function; other for ear function.
5.7 FDA Approved for Safety

A forehead thermometer which is FDA approved is best and safe. FDA approved thermometers with no harmful materials within, and have covered battery casing to ensure your children can’t get inside.
5.8 Quick in Response

There are some models of forehead thermometer in market that provide temperature reading more quickly as little as in one second. These re best when dealing with sick children, as they are not able to sit for long time.
5.9 Fever alert/Sound alert

Commonly, forehead thermometers come with sound. Sound indicates that thermometer has been to read the temperature. However, the sound may disturb the sleeping patient. Therefore, our recommendation is that you should choose a thermometer with silent mode option.
5.10 Auto shutoff

A forehead thermometer with auto shutoff option are best as it helps to conserve battery power. Commonly, people forget to shut off thermometer, and the battery can be damaged. That’s why,  auto-shutoff saves battery power by turning it off after a short period of inactivity.
5.11 Batteries

A forehead thermometer that operates with rechargeable batteries are best, as batteries are easy to change. Commonly, forehead thermometer requires two AA or two AAA batteries.
5.12Memory function

Some forehead thermometer comes with memory function. The benefits of this type o thermometer are that it keeps old readings for future reference. Most of the times, a doctor asks for the history of temperature. Therefore, forehead thermometer with this function makes it easy to track and record the temperature.
5.13 Age and temperature technology

There are some models of forehead thermometer that require you to add patient’s age. Fever specifications are not same between babies of 3 months, children and younger, therefore thermometer with this feature assist while managing those differences of fever specification. This helps the thermometer determine the level of concern you should have regarding a temperature.
5.14 Price

Price ranges of forehead thermometers are between $10 and $60. The forehead thermometers that cost $10 are touchable models without many special features. There is another type of thermometer with price of $30, these are untouched in addition to sound alert and auto shutoff features. However, the best of all forehead thermometer is that which cost $60. These are models are non-contact cum an ear probe for alternative temperature reading. 

6. Conclusion

Fevers can be a cause for concern at any age, but when it’s our children in particular who are unwell it can be an even bigger worry. A high or rising temperature is a good indicator or infection or illness, so just being aware can be the best protection we have to keep them safe. By owning one of the best forehead thermometers at home, you’ll feel content that you have everything you need to take care of your child, and know that you can provide a watchful eye over possibly rising temperatures should you need to get further help.

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