Best Refrigerator Thermometers

Refrigerator and freezer thermometers are specially designed to provide accuracy at cold temperatures.

For safety, it is important to verify the temperature of refrigerators and freezers. Refrigerators should maintain a temperature no higher than 40 °F. Frozen food will hold its top quality for the longest possible time when the freezer maintains 0 °F.

Most refrigerators and freezers can be easily adjusted to run colder or warmer. The temperature control is usually accessible in the refrigerator part of the appliance. Check the owner’s manual for specific details on adjusting the temperature. An adjustment period is often required when changing the temperature.


1- Wrenwane Digital Refrigerator Thermometer

Rating : 4.6 (More than 450 reviews)

Wrenwane has designed the simplest refrigerator thermometer for your needs.

  • Switch from Fahrenheit to Celsius with a button on the back.
  • Very simple to operate.
  • Measures temperatures from -20°C/-4°F to 60°C/140°F.
  • Big digits, easily read the display.

Pros :

  •  It’s small but large readout,  easy to use and accurite.

Cons : 

  • The top hook is a little weak.

2- Rubbermaid Commercial FGR80DC Stainless Steel Refrigerator/Freezer Monitoring Thermometer

Rating : 4.6 (More than 150 reviews)

This refrigerator and freezer thermometer will keep food safe by properly monitoring equipment. The thermometer is made of stainless steel. Its large, easy-to-read dial shows clearly marked temperatures, perfect for professional kitchen.

  • Its large, easy-to-read dial shows clearly marked temperatures, perfect for professional kitchen.
  • It hangs or stands for easy installation and has a lens that will not shatter.
  • Reads both Fahrenheit and Celsius. 

Pros :

  •  Consistant, cheap, easy to read.

Cons : 

  • Temperature numbers are smaller and harder to read than some other similar thermometers.

3- DayMark IT115410 Stainless Steel Dishwasher-Safe Refrigerator/Freezer Classic Thermometer

Rating : 4.6 (More than 70 reviews)

Temperature Safety is of vital importance in the kitchen environment. In order to ensure food safety, proper temperatures must be reached when cooking food, chilling food, and sanitizing kitchen equipment.  DayMark makes it simple for foodservice operators to accurately monitor kitchen temperatures.

  • Stainless steel with a large 2.4″ easy-to-read dial
  • Easy to clean; dishwasher safe
  • Safe temperature zone indicator
  • Temperature range -30 to 70 degrees F


  • It’s nice and solid, better build quality than similar thermometers.
  • Cheap, accurate, easy to read.


  • Does not stand or hang as well as the similar refrigerator thermometers.


4- Taylor Classic Refrigerator Thermometer

Rating : 4.1 (More than 1900 reviews)

The Classic Series Large Dial Freezer & Refrigerator Thermometer is ideal for monitoring temperatures.

  • Temperatures range between -20 to 80 degrees.
  • Extra-large 3-1/4-inch dial.
  • Constructed from durable stainless-steel.
  • Easy to hang or stand.

Pros :

  •  Large dial, easy to see.

Cons : 

  • Some of people who have reviewed this product have  found, not very accurate.

5- AcuRite 00986 Refrigerator Wireless Digital Thermometer

Rating : 3.9 (More than 1000 reviews)

AcuRite Digital Refrigerator Thermometer displays the refrigerator temperature, freezer temperature and the high / low temperatures recorded for each. Programmable alarm notifies you audibly and visually when temperatures exceed your preset minimum / maximum temperature range.

  • Monitor refrigerator and freezer temperature (Fahrenheit and Celsius).
  • Audible and visual alarm when temperatures exceed your preset minimum or maximum temperature range.
  • Measures temperatures from -40 to 100F, (-40 to 37C)
  • All-time high and low temperature records
  • Magnet-mountable or wall-mountable digital display.
  • Wireless range up to 75 feet (23 m.)
  • Transmits data every 16 seconds


  • Works well and you can get a better picture of how your refrigerator/freezer is performing.
  • You are able to reduce the settings for both refrigerator/freezer temps and thus save electricity.


  • Eats up batteries and no low battery warning.
  • There are many complaints that sensors are not durable.


Top 5 Best Refrigerator Thermometers

RankNameProductRatingRead More See Prices
1-Wrenwane Digital Refrigerator Thermometer96Read More on Amazon
2-Rubbermaid Commercial FGR80DC Stainless Steel Refrigerator/Freezer Monitoring Thermometer96Read More on Amazon
3-DayMark IT115410 Stainless Steel Dishwasher-Safe Refrigerator/Freezer Classic Thermometer96Read More on Amazon
4-Taylor Classic Refrigerator Thermometer91Read More on Amazon
5-AcuRite 00986 Refrigerator Wireless Digital Thermometer86Read More on Amazon
**Thermometers which have more than 100 customers reviews.


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