Braun Thermoscan 5 Ear Thermometer IRT6500US Review

Overview :    
  • Braun ThermoScan 5 Ear Thermometer measures the infrared heat generated by the eardrum and surrounding tissue. Using a small soft tip, the temperature is taken gently in the ear of the child in just a few seconds. In addition, the disposable lens filters provide hygiene, meaning that the whole family can use the same thermometer.  It’s fast, accurate and very easy to use.
  • When you’ve spent nights watching over your sick child it is not always easy to remember the various temperature readings. Braun ThermoScan 5 ear thermometer helps you manage your child’s temperature thanks to a memory function, which enables the last measurement to be recorded and the evolution of the temperature to be followed.
  • Ear thermometers should not be used if the person has an outer ear infection, this could result in uncomfortable pain.
  • Best seller in ear thermometers
  • Top rated in ear thermometers
   At a Glance
User Rating :
Category : Ear
Model : IRT6500US
Size : 1.5 x 1.9 x 5.8″
Weight : 6.2 ounces
Batteries :  2 AA
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Features :
  • Soft, flexible tip with filter detector
  • Fast, gentle and easy to use
  • Positioning guidance system uses a light and beep to confirm proper positioning.
  • Stores the last 9 temperature measurements
Pros :
  • It’s fast and it’s very easy to use.
  • As long as you get the correct position in the ear, the temperature readings are very accurate and consistent.
Cons : 
  • Small amount of people who have reviewed this product have found,  could not get an accurate temperature.
Final Rating :     97 


Compare Braun Thermometers

Braun Thermoscan 5 vs 7 vs 3
FeatureBraun Thermoscan 7
(IRT 6520)
Braun Thermoscan 5
(IRT 6500)
Braun Thermoscan 3
Age Precision TechnologyYes--
Color coded displayYes--
Pre-warmed tip ensures accuracyYesYes-
ExacTemp guidance system function
Light & beep alert for accurate positioning.
Front panel display with night lightYes--
MemoryLast 9 readingsLast 1 readingLast 1 reading
Disposible Lens Filters necessary?YesYesYes
User Rating959787

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  How to Use Braun ThermoScan 5 Ear Thermometer (IRT6500US )?   Useful information about Braun Thermoscan 5 Ear Thermometer Why  readings are different when I measure from left ear and right ear? The right ear measurement may differ from the measurement taken in the left ear. Therefore, always take the temperature in the same ear. The ear must be free from obstructions or excess earwax build-up to take an accurate reading. How do I change the degrees from C to F degree? Make sure the thermometer is turned off. Press and hold down the Power button . After about 3 seconds the display will show this sequence: ° C / SET / ° F / SET … Release the Power button when the desired temperature scale is shown. There will be a short beep to confirm the new setting, then the thermometer is turned off automatically Why measuring results inaccurate? External factors may influence ear temperatures, including:

  • Poor probe placement
  • Used lens filter
  • Dirty lens.

In the cases below, wait 20 minutes prior to taking a temperature.

  • Extreme hot and cold room temperature
  • Hearing aid
  • Lying on pillow

The operating ambient temperature range for this thermometer is 50 – 104 °F (10 – 40 °C). Do not expose the thermometer to temperature extremes (below –13 °F / –25 °C or over 131 °F / 55 °C) or excessive humidity (> 95 % RH). This thermometer must only be used with genuine Braun ThermoScan lens filters (LF 40). To avoid inaccurate measurements always use this thermometer with a new, clean lens filter attached. Why displaying POS message? POS = position error The thermometer probe was not positioned securely in the ear. An accurate measurement was not possible. Take care that the positioning of the probe is correct and remains stable. Replace lens filter and reposition. Press Start button to begin a new measurement. Why displaying ERR message? Ambient temperature is not within the allowed operating range (50 – 104 °F or 10 – 40 °C ). Allow the thermometer to remain for 30 minutes in a room where the temperature is between 50 and 104 °F or 10 and 40 °C. Why displaying HI or LO message? HI = too high  LO = too low Temperature taken is not within typical human temperature range (93.2 – 108 °F or 34 – 42.2 °C). Make sure the probe tip and lens are clean and a new, clean lens filter is attached. Make sure, Braun ThermoScan 5 Ear Thermometer is properly inserted. Then, take a new temperature. System error – self-check display flashes continuously and will not be followed by the ready beep and the ready symbol? Wait 1 minute until the thermometer turns off automatically, then turn on again. If error persists reset the thermometer by removing the batteries and putting them back in. If error still persists,  contact Customer Service.  

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