How to choose best ear thermometer for you?

During olden days to check temperature, strip thermometer or perhaps an old-fashioned glass thermometer is used. Using glass thermometers is seriously risk because if they are broken it can be highly poisonous. The strip thermometer only shows the temperature of the skin, not the internal core temperature.

Today, the technology is improving day by day. The innovation of digital thermometer or ear thermometer has changed the way we take temperature readings at home has been completely transformed.



  • Why to use in-ear?
  • Digital ear thermometers
  • Benefits of using ear thermometer
  • Criteria of selecting the most effective thermometer for you
  • Choosing What’s Right for You
  • What factors should I think about once shopping for a thermometer?
    • Accuracy
    • Consistency
    • Response Time
    • Suitability
    • Safety
    • Easy to clean
    • Flexible tip
    • Fever alert
    • Memory
    • Auto shutoff
    • Backlit display


 Why to use in-ear?

The ear is an excellent part of the body to measure temperature because the ear reflects the body’s core temperature. The temperature is regulated by the hypothalamus, which shares a similar blood supply because of the tympanic membrane. Changes in core temperature are sometimes detected sooner within the tympanum than in different sites, like the body part, mouth or below the arm.

Digital ear thermometers

Digital ear thermometers are also called as tympanic thermometers, use an infrared ray emits from your body to measure the temperature inside the ear canal.


Digital ear thermometers are very quick to use and they are generally comfortable for children and adults.

Digital ear thermometers are appropriate for older children and adults older than age 6 months.


For newborns baby, digital ear thermometers aren’t recommended.


 Benefits of using ear thermometer

  • In a study with infants, it was founded that the body core temperature reflects more in-ear than the other parts of the body. Ear reflects faster temperature, especially at the time of rapidly changing temperature.
  • The original internal body temperature can’t be found by placing the thermometer under the arm this only indicates the skin temperature.
  • Oral temperatures are usually influenced by intake, drinking, thermometer placement, respiratory through the mouth, or the lack of the person to shut their mouth fully.
  • Rectal temperatures usually lag considerably behind internal temperature changes. Also, there’s a risk of cross-contamination and therefore the risk of damaging the rectum.
  • It is more sanitary, due to no contact with any mucus membrane, and thus poses less risk of cross-contamination (when used with Hygiene caps probe covers).
  • For temperature measurement, you need not want to wake up and undress the babies now it’s easy to check.
  • Also, there is more comfort and less stress both for babies, adults, and parents, especially infrequent measurement situations to monitor fever evolution.



Criteria of selecting the most effective thermometer for you

Choosing What’s Right for You

Remember that the best tool for measuring your temperature is the rectal thermometers. To use the forehead or ear thermometer you need to wait until at least six months of age when on need to take the temperature of your baby, and to use a thermometer in the mouth the child must be four years old. The right thermometer for you and your family is the one you will feel comfortable on the other hand using Infrared non-contact and contact thermometer can be used on either age group. Armed with a thermometer and a good baby doctor, you’ll be able to rest assured that your baby can get the care want once they need it and therefore the measuring instrument that you select you’re less assure it won’t let your down.


What factors should I think about once shopping for a thermometer?

In every parent, a good thermometer is a must-have thing in every parent’s arsenal. You can’t use every thermometer for you and not every thermometer are made equal. Especially babies younger than 4 months even the slightest sign of fevers can be a symptom of a serious infection in babies. This is often to allow you to remember and apprehend once you have to be compelled to watch and wait or rush to the doctor. Below are many factors that you’ll need to look and take into account once selecting a thermometer of your choice once obtaining the most effective for you.



If you wish to be ready to accept the reading that you just get then you have got to shop for a thermometer that plenty of specialists recommend as accurate.



It’s always natural that after take initial temperatures reading you also wish to require your baby’s temperature once more right when the primary try. This can be all in effort eager to be 100% sure that the reading you get is correct to you maximum. Your chosen temperature device should be ready to provide you with an equivalent reading when every measurement you are taking.


Response Time:

Babies aren’t better-known for his or her patience and therefore the outcome of the check result you expect perhaps needed with a lot of emergency. You’ll need to get a reading within the quickest time possible while not sacrificing accuracy. this can be particularly vital when fast necessary measures must be taken.



The pick you decide on should be in line with the applicable age of your kid. Newborns want a rectal thermometer however an older child might squirm around in protest thus a temporal artery thermometer may fit better.



Safety of the machine and the baby is of nice importance. Protective case on your measuring system confirms that you don’t inquisitive your baby to poke his eye out or getting broken your device. This gives you an assurance that your child is protected and eliminate that bother of get a replacement one simply once it’s broken


Easy to clean:

Having a measuring device that’s simple to clean is one less factor to fret concerning. This feature is important in the interference of infection from one person to the opposite. You’ll need to form certain that the thermometer is free from germs or bacterium, particularly if you’re employing a body part one.


Flexible tip:

This can be all regarding comfort however still necessary, particularly if you’re coming up with on getting a body part rectal.


Fever alert:

This feature provides you direction on what to try such on higher fevers some thermometers beep an alert whereas others show a visible alert like the word “fever” on the screen or ever-changing color to point the temperature is high. If the temperature is more than 99.5 degrees Fahrenheit this alert gives notice you to require an instantaneous action to check a pediatrist alternatively take a necessary step.



 This feature is important for simply track your temperature in the effort to understand the progress of fever. The last reading taken enable you to save lots of multiple readings thus you’ll be able to use it afterward in future


Auto shutoff:

 This feature is vital if you would like to avoid shopping for battery once more and once more. In a normal thermometer, we use to check temperature and after that, we use to forget to switch off it makes the thermometer battery life very short.


Backlit display:

It is important to see display because while you are using your normal display thermometer at night you need to switch on the light and disturb your child’s sleep. To avoid this situation backlit display is the best one. And nowadays maximum displays come with backlit.


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