How to Choose Best Oven Thermometer?


If you are professional in baking, you should be aware of the importance of the accurate oven temperature. Baking is all about temperature regulation. Accuracy and exactness are basic for each recipe. Therefore, a good oven thermometer is necessary for baking. If you are not even good in baking and facing cooking challenges such as disappointment by your oven even after standardization of recipes, poorly prepared meals even after investing in a quality oven. So, keep in mind it’s not that your cooking method is not good but instead your oven thermometer.
Oven-inbuilt-thermometer for a reading is not always reliable, that’s why a standalone-oven-thermometer is best and assisting instrument for baking.
This article will help you to buy a good oven thermometer. For choosing a good oven thermometer, one should be equipped with knowledge such as: accuracy, readability, temperatures-units-range-limits, price, attachment, and display, quality, material, waterproofness and HACCP reference etc.
Moreover, this article will also tell you about oven thermometer usage advantages, its maintenance, and cleansing method.  

Ovens are good for baking, but with problems. The preceding statements means that ovens heat is different from each other. Not all oven inbuilt thermometer gives accurate readings. If there are three ovens and all are set at 350 degree, all will go to heat to different temperature. To solve this problem, one should buy a good oven thermometer that provides an accurate temperature during baking. An alone oven thermometer helps to keep accurately track of cooking temperature.
Standalone oven thermometers are used by professionals, and their experience with these devices provide satisfaction. An oven thermometer is one of the must have requirements for kitchen.



After placing oven thermometer correctly in the oven, you require to adjust your temperature via using dial. Before closing the door of oven, make sure that it is heating by checking the indicator. During the baking process, that the door of oven is remain closed until reaching preset temperature. When the heat reaches preset temperatures, beeping sound of oven thermometer is started. Put on the oven light, but don’t open the door for five minutes as mostly oven thermometers show lower temperature than presetting one.



All standalone oven thermometers are not good in readability. Professionals suggest the larger size oven thermometer. In readability of oven thermometer, its face’s size and digits’ size should be take into account. Both are needed to be visible through oven window, even if it’s darkened. You shouldn’t need to open your oven to read the thermometer.  Larger numbers of digits do not require you to open the window of oven for reading, it will be easily read without opening the oven window and loosing heats.
Dial oven thermometer with clear and white background is more helpful in readings. One should think of the kinds of foods like to cook, when taking into account temperature ratings.  For too much baking, one should choose an oven thermometer that rises to 600°F. Some thermometers provide markings every 10 degrees. While this may be helpful, they can make the dial harder to read.



Oven thermometers are design in Fahrenheit or Celsius. People are usually confused regarding temperature units of oven thermometer. If the person is comfortable with conversions in his recipes, then choosing either temperature units’ oven thermometer does not matter. But if you are not good with conversion of units, then there are modals that include both Fahrenheit and Celsius units.

For traditional use, oven thermometer between range of 50°F and 500°F will be best. But for baking pizza or other high heat food, one should choose a model that rises to 600°F.

There is not same temperature for various kind of foods preparation. Distinctive foods are cook at separate temperatures. For best cooking, choose to buy an oven thermometer which can endure cooking temperatures higher than the recommended heat.  Benefit of this will be to make capable oven thermometer to bear cooking heat without cracking.

Oven thermometer is not only about temperature or readability, its attachment also matters. Mostly, oven thermometers are with hooks on it in order to hang it on oven racks. There is other type of oven thermometer that stands on their own. This one is with base for placement it on the oven shelf. Market of oven thermometer also designs some models with both of hooks and base.  The best way of its placement is in the center of same shelf or rocks where the food prepares on.
A benefit of its positioning at the center, lessens chances of cold air entry, can affect readings, via oven door. Its attachment also depends on the size of oven window. If the window of oven is large, oven thermometer should be positioned on one end of a rack, but concerning small size window, it should be hanged in the between for seeing it clearly.

Regarding display of oven thermometer, two types are following:

Oven thermometer with dial display looks like a clock face. This one thermometer has an internal mechanical system that broaden and shrinks depends on the temperature. Dials move either up or down based on the temperature. Display with dial system have red hand that increases with temperature. Most of the people choose dial display due to its easiness of readability and also this type of oven thermometers is less expensive. This is more suggestable because of the readability effortlessness. Dial oven thermometer with clear and white background is more helpful in readings. It will help in reading without opening oven door and releasing heat.
On the other hand, there is oven thermometer with display, which resembles a traditional medical thermometer. In this type of thermometer tinted alcohol is used for providing temperature readings. The liquid inside the bulb display thermometer increases with the heat. In readability they are less popular among the consumer, while its accuracy is more proper than the dial display oven thermometer. Some researchers argue that alcohol can bog down and provide inaccurate readings.
The range of oven thermometer prices lies between $3 and $15. Oven thermometer that cost less than $5 are with small faces, and can make a person in trouble about reading. An oven thermometer with price above $11 are easily read, and indeed more accurate.
Standalone oven thermometers help to tell accurately about baking temperature. A good oven thermometer measures heat without errors. A thermometer with a feature of energy efficiency is a bonus.  Apart from accuracy, standalone oven thermometer bears high baking temperature while keeping track of cooking heat inside the oven.
Using oven thermometer is not only beneficial for baking correctly, but it has also health advantage. The food, which is not fully cooked, may shelter bacteria and other invisible germs that can cause food poisoning. There is food such as meat, fish or chicken needs proper cooking in order to remove any chance of harboring bacteria or other germs. Oven thermometer with reference tables are more efficient to be bought. This type of thermometer shows correct temperature for safely cooking of certain foods.   In this regard, oven thermometer with HACCP guide is recommended (see HACCP section).
Followings are the things that should be took into account while buying oven thermometer:
Mostly, temperature of oven rises highly, which can crack oven thermometer if it is not good. Before buying oven thermometer, one should consider its quality and temperature ranges (see temperature range section). Using of an oven thermometer should be avoided for baking of food that requires high temperature and exceed ranges of thermometer
There is some suggestion regarding the material used in the designing of oven thermometer. In this regard, material recommendation is stainless steel 304 grade. These are safe materials. The person should also choose oven thermometer approved by NSF. NSF is National Sanitation Foundation that ensures food industry standards have been met. An NSF ensures that company has obeyed standards of industry concerning material, design, performance, and construction and that product is safe for public use.
Oven thermometer requires consumer to clean it regularly for ensuring best performance. Cooking can discolor thermometer glass that will be an obstacle in readability. People usually clean things with water, so one should buy a thermometer which is water proof.
The person who has no experience regarding oven thermometer using before, he should buy the device accompany HACCP reference dial. It will help new consumer to arrange easily recommended cooking temperature.  HACCP is guide that provide help and decrease any chances of getting foodborne disease. HACCP reference ensures a healthy and optimal cooking experience. HACCP reference helps in setting of temperature for various cooking methods.
Oven thermometer also require cleaning and calibration for improvement of performance. But good oven thermometer gives best performance without regular maintenance.
Oven thermometer get dirty by cooking fat, baking powder, and other recipes. Its glass may discolor which reduces its readability performance. That’s why oven thermometer need regular cleaning.
Relating cleaning, one should leave it to cool down after usage. After cooling, warm water with mild detergent is required for its cleaning, but keep in mind that your oven thermometer is waterproof (see waterproof section). Soft towel should be used to clean it. Be careful, that abrasive detergent and scrubber should be avoided for cleansing oven thermometer as it may leave marks on the glass. The next after scrubbing with soft towel is rinsing it and drying it completely.
It may be hard to remove some of the spots with detergent and water. Or in case the thermometer is not water-proof, you need to make paste of water and baking powder. This paste should be applied on the glass of thermometer and left for 20 minutes. After 20 minutes remove it with soft cloth. This is a quick and best method for hard spots.
Poor result can discourage your cooking passion. Oven thermometers are a great choice for taking the guesswork out of cooking and have confidence when preparing your food. Because of its efficiency and performance, oven thermometers are must have kitchen tools for professionals and for home user. If you want to do optimal cooking, then your requirement is a good oven thermometer. The best oven thermometer you select by the end of the day should track your cooking temperatures accurately, easy to use and maintain, and above all a quality food grade material.


Top Rated Oven Thermometers

1- Rubbermaid Commercial FGTHO550 Stainless Steel Oven Thermometer

Rating : 4.3 (More than 1900 reviews)

Best oven thermometer Rubbermaid commercial FGTHO550Keep food safe by properly monitoring equipment. Rubbermaid FGTHO550 is a good choice for oven thermometer.

  • The oven thermometer will keep food safe by properly monitoring equipment.
  • The thermometer is made of stainless steel.
  • It is NSF-approved and its large, easy-to-read dial shows clearly marked temperatures, perfect for professional kitchens.
  • It hangs or stands for easy installation and has a lens that will not shatter.
  • Reads both Fahrenheit and Celsius.

Pros :  Cheap and accurate thermometer.

Cons : Difficult to hang in a small oven with one rack, hard to read.

2- Taylor Food Service Classic Series Large Dial Oven Thermometer

Rating : 4.2 (More than 1250 reviews)

Best Oven Thermometer - Taylor ClassicThermometers are the only way to ensure that foods are cooked to the proper temperature, your oven is calibrated to the correct degree, and that your refrigerator is keeping your food cold and safe. Taylor is and has been the leader in food thermometer with expertise over 150 years strong.

  • Extra-Large 3-1/4-inch dial lets users get an accurate reading at a glance
  • Ranges from 100F to 600F (50C to 300C)
  • Featuring a red pointer, glass lens, and durable stainless steel casing
  • Easy to hang or stand, so it fits where it’s most needed

Pros : The dial on this themometer is large and easy to read and responds quickly to temp changes. Considering the affordable price.

Cons : Some of people who have reviewed this product have found, could not get an accurate temperature.

3- Admetior Kitchen Oven Thermometer

Rating : 4.2 (More than 240 reviews)

Best oven thermometer Admetior Oven ThermometerThis is a basic and simple oven thermometer. It does the job without problem. The clip is helpful for a basic oven, or the base is convenient for a toaster oven. If you’re looking for a simple and helpful oven thermometer, this is the one to buy.

  • Dial size: 1.7-inch
  • Wide temperature range: 50F – 500F
  • Stainless steel housing
  • Hanger and stand
  • Oven safe

Pros :  The dial is large and easy to read, works well, good value for the price.

Cons :  Hanger is very thin and bends easily so you need to be careful , slow to come up to temperature.

4- CDN POT750X High Heat Oven Thermometer

Best oven thermometer CDN POT750X Rating : 4.1
 (More than 480 reviews)

Did you know that it’s common to find an oven’s temperature can be off by more than 50°F/28°C? Thermostats become fatigued with age. Leaky door seals can cause hot or cool spots that affect the thermostat. For best results with your oven, use an oven thermometer. CDN POT750X is one of the best thermometer to monitor the exact oven temperature.

  • Take the guesswork out of cooking in your high-heat oven
  • Measures temperatures from 100 to 750 F
  • Large 2-1/4-inch dial with red indicator needle provides useful cooking zones
  • Wide base and integrated hook allow it to be placed anywhere in the oven
  • Made of commercial grade stainless steel with durable laboratory-quality glass lens

Pros : Cheap, effective, simple design.

Cons : Although it appears to be standard in size, it’s hard to read, and definitely too hard to read through an oven door.

5-Cooper-Atkins 24HP-01-1 Stainless Steel Bi-Metal Oven Thermometer

Rating : 4.1 (More than 630 reviews)Best oven thernomometer Cooper Atkins

Cooper-Atkins is a leading manufacturer and provider of temperature and humidity instruments.  Cooper-Atkins 24HP is one of the best seller oven thermometer.

Features  :

  • Temperature 100 to 600F / 50 to 300C
  • Accuracy +/- 25F
  • Stainless Steel Housing with Glass Lens

Pros :  Good precision and accuracy for the price.

Cons :  It’s difficult to read.

Top Rated 5 Best Oven Thermometers

**Thermometers which has more than 100 customer reviews.
RankNameProductRatingRead More on Amazon
1-Rubbermaid Commercial FGTHO550 94Read More
2-Taylor Food Service Classic Dial Oven Thermometer92Read More
3-Admetior Oven Thermometer92Read More
4-CDN POT750X High Heat Oven Thermometer91Read More
5-Cooper-Atkins 24HP-01-1 Stainless Steel Bi-Metal Oven Thermometer91Read More

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