How to use digital ear thermometer?

Ear measurements are gentle, easy and fast, and preferred by many parents. However, the temperature often varies between readings, leading to the misconception that ear thermometers are inaccurate. To minimize this effect, it’s very important to use the correct ear thermometer.

if you don’t insert the thermometer exactly right, it can be hard to get an accurate, consistent reading.

It’s particularly hard to use the thermometer correctly if your baby is under 6 months. Her ear canals are likely to be too small. But if your baby is older, you can use an ear thermometer.

When taking temperature with an ear thermometer, pay attention to the following:

  • Always take the temperature in the same ear, as the reading in the right ear may differ from that in the left ear.
  • Always clean the thermometer tip before using and follow the manufacturer’s instructions carefully.
  • External factors may influence ear temperatures, especially when an individual has:
    • Been lying on one ear or the other
    • Had their ears covered
    • Been exposed to very hot or very cold temperatures, or
    • Been recently swimming or bathing.
  • In these cases, remove these external factors and wait 30 minutes prior to taking a temperature.
  • If prescription eardrops or other ear medications have been placed in the ear canal, use the other ear for a temperature reading.
  • Ear thermometers should not be used if the person has an outer ear infection as this could result in uncomfortable pain.
  • Never take a temperature in an ear that contains blood or any drainage.

Top 5 Best Ear Thermometers

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