iProven Triple Mode Thermometer TMT-215 Review

iProven Triple Mode Thermometer TMT-215  is intended to measure the body temperature of humans. The ear measuring function can be used for babies who are a minimum of six months old. The forehead function can be used for all ages. It measures the body temperature based on heat radiating from the eardrum or from the forehead. Although this thermometer has undergone extensive clinical tests and is considered safe and highly accurate, it is intended for non- professional home use only. The object mode shows you the temperature of your baby’s bottle and meal, or even their room and bed, in a second.      At a Glance
User Rating :
Category : Forehead & Ear
Model : TMT-215 Triple mode
Size :  
Weight : 6.2 ounces
Batteries :  2 AAA
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Features :
  • It can take temp using ear or forehead, and can also measure ambient temperature in a room.
  • The intelligent fever indication lights up in green or red, showing you if your baby has a fever.
  • You can switch between ˚C and ˚F.
Pros :
  • Instructions are easy to read and make setup simple.
  • It is quick and easy to use.
Cons : 
  •  The cap covering the ear probe is a little difficult to remove.
Final Rating :     98


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How to Use iProven TMT-215 Triple Mode Thermometer  Firstly remove plastic tab by pulling it out of the battery compartment. How to take your baby’s temperature • 0-6 months: perform head measurement only or use a contact thermometer like the iProvèn DTR-R1221B • 6 months and older: you can take regular ear measurements. How to switch modes • Press on-button. • Press mode-button to select the mode you need. • The thermometer will save this mode for next use. Head measurement Acceptable margin: 0,5˚F Use with cap

  • Press on-button.
  • Switch to headmode with mode-button.
  • Touch first temple.
  • Hold on-button.
  • Swipe forehead in three seconds from temple to temple.
  • Release on-button.

Ear Measurement Acceptable margin 0,2˚F Use without cap

  1. Press on-button
  2. Switch to ear mode with mode-button Straighten ear canal: • Pull ear backward for babies 6-12 months. • Pull ear back & up for anyone older than 12 months.
  3. Aim right at the eardrum.
  4. Click on-button once.

Never force the probe into the ear canal, to prevent injuries. Object Measurement For ambient and object temperature

  • Press on-button.
  • Switch to object mode with mode-button.
  • Point & touch the object surface.
  • Click on-button once.

What does the temperature mean?

Display Color Sound ºF Indication What to do
Red 3 short beeps 86-95.7 Hypothermia Consult doctor immediately.
Green 1 long beep 85.8-96.7 Decreased temperature Lower temperatures in the morning are perfectly normal. If you are feeling cold take a hot shower.
Green 1 long beep 96.8-99.6 Good temperature Your body temperature is fine.
Red 3 short beeps 99.7-100.3 Increased temperature If you are not feeling well, get some rest.
Red 3 short beeps 100.4- 101.3 Light fever Check your temperature regularly and rest. Consult a doctor if you get worse or if the fever lasts for more than three days. For babies <6 months consult doctor immediately
Red 3 short beeps 101.4-103.9 Fever Call the doctor, especially if fever lasts for more than 1 day

  Important Tips 1. Especially for the head mode, you will get the most accurate results when the thermometer and the user have been in the same room for 30 minutes. 2. Keep the sensor lens clean. Earwax and skin grease can influence the results. Always check before use. 3. Your thermometer saves each measurement automatically.    To retrieve stored measurements:

  • Switch device on
  • Press memory-button to view first stored measurement.
  • Press memory-button again to go to next entry.

4. You can mute or un-mute your iProven  TMT-215 thermometer with the mute-un-mute switch . This can be handy if you want to take your child’s temperature while he/she is asleep. 5. Switch between ˚C and ˚F

  • Switch the thermometer on.
  • Press and hold the memory-button for more than 4 seconds. ºC or ºF are flashing.
  • Press memory-button to switch between ˚C or ˚F.
  • Let the thermometer switch off, the setting is saved automatically.

6. For more tips about your device, see backside. How should I clean the device? Regularly clean the thermometer probe with a damp cloth, moistened slightly with water. You can clean the lens of the probe with a cotton swab. If you want to disinfect the sensor probe, use a disinfecting wipe or a cotton ball dampened with a disinfectant. You can prevent the sensor from getting stained by ensuring the ear canals are clean. Caution: This thermometer is not waterproof! Do not immerse or expose it to water or any other liquid other than using a slightly damp cloth. How should I store the iProven  TMT-215 thermometer? Store this thermometer at room temperature. The most accurate temperature measurement is obtained when the thermometer and the user have both been exposed to the same ambient temperature for at least 30 minutes. Always store this thermometer in the enclosed soft case to prevent it from collecting dust or being exposed to bacteria. If your thermometer will not be used for more than 90 days, we recommend you remove the batteries and store them separately. Do not expose the device to direct sunlight. Safety instructions and precautions: • The ear measuring function of this thermometer is not suitable for children under 6 months. For children younger than 6 months we recommend using the forehead mode or a rectal digital thermometer such as the iProvèn DT-R1221B. • This device is not intended to serve as a continuous monitoring device. • This device is not waterproof. Please keep it away from water or other liquids. • Do not expose the device to direct sunlight. • Carefully follow the instructions in the cleaning section when you need to clean and disinfect your device. • Make sure children do not use the device unsupervised. • Please do not use the product if the temperature sensor of the thermometer shows any sign of damage. Do not try to repair the product if it is damaged. Instead, please contact our customer support at www.iproven.com. • The use of this thermometer is not intended to take the place of appropriate medical supervision. • iProven  TMT-215 thermometer consists of high quality, precision-made parts. It is not designed to be impact- or shock-resistant. Avoid dropping the product or subjecting it to intense shock or vibration. • Remove the batteries if the thermometer will not be used for more than three months.   Error message table

Error Meaning Desired action
ER1 + red backlight + 3 beeps Room temp below 10˚C / 50˚F or above 40˚C / 104˚F Store device at room temperature
ERC + red backlight + 3 beeps Data processing error Contact customer support
Low voltage signal Battery too low Replace batteries
Lo: Low temperature reading Forehead: less than 35˚C (95.0˚F) Ear: less than 32˚C (89.6˚F) Object: less than 0˚C (32.0˚F) Check if you follow instruction for accurate measurement
Hi: High temperature reading Forehead: more than 42.2˚C (108.0 ˚F) Ear: more than 42.2 ˚C (108.0 ˚F) Object: more than 100 ˚ (212.0 ˚F) Check if you follow instruction for accurate measurement

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