Omron Ear Thermometer MC 514 Review

 At a Glance Overview :
User Rating :
Category : Ear
Model : MC 514
omron ear thermometer
Size : 7.5 x 6.5 x 3.8″
Weight 7.2 ounces
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  • Emerging change in the field of medicine and health care comes with Omron ear thermometer. Easier to use and carry. Have bright LCD screen, digital thermometer with super fast response. Light up screen makes possible to view reading in dark. It has many sophisticated features that make it handy to use especially for mothers. It can easily measure different temperatures including ear, room temperature and surface temperature. It is possible to track the temperature reading by store button, which can store up to 23 reading at a time. We can view the temperature readings both in Celsius or Fahrenheit scale.
Features :
  • Instant, one second reading (takes 250 scans per second)
  • Convenient storage case keeps thermometer and lens covers together
  • Engineered button placement ensures, safe comfortable use
  • Sleek design fits comfortably in the ear and in the palm of any size hand
  • Memory feature recalls last temperature reading
Pros :   
  • This model tells you that you’ve put it in the correct position, with the 2 beeps sequence.
Cons :   
  • Some of people who have reviewed this product have found,  could not get an accurate temperature.
Final Rating :     83 

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